Services at BMMC

We At Book My Medical College offer a list of services to the students and parents. You will never run out of options when getting guidance from one of the top leading medical consultancies in India. We offer a large number of services without compromising. We assist all the students equally.

Guidance Before Choosing College

BMMC offers precise ling to the students before selecting a medical college in India. Our experienced team of counsellors provides you with detailed information about the college, education system, and eligibility criteria. Moreover, we also provide the details of the terms and conditions/norms of getting admission in foreign medical institutions and specifically of that college that you choose.

At the same time, we also discuss the college rules and regulations. Campus life, accommodations services, medical insurance, medical facilities, and rules for the international students studying at foreign medical institutions.

We offer comprehensive guidance to our students and help them to take the right decision in choosing the perfect college for their studies. We provide a list of colleges as per the student’s interest and the budget.

Documentation Assistance

We support the students to get step-to-step guidance in their admission procedure to the best medical college. As we have linked with so many medical colleges, so the students will have multiple options to choose from.

We also assist the students during the application process in college and at the time of issuance of invitation letters from your chosen college. We help the students in each step and during the document verification, getting authorisation, affidavits, and other necessary documents that are required for admission.

You will also get support during the whole and documentation. Besides others, BMMC also assists in arranging funds through bank loans, if required.

Overall, we finally assist the student’s needs in the journey of getting MBBS & MD/MS admission in India.

Helped Over 1,000 Students to get the right college

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