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Advantages to study MBBS from Russia

Russian Universities are the world top leading country which is delivering the high fundamental knowledge to serve the society with best services. They are identified as a world‘s popular institutions for imparting superlative education. Doing MBBS from a Russian university is the best decision.

 The universities mostly known for its developed science and research techniques and the wide range of programs offers extended curriculum. The universities highly focus on practical knowledge rather than in theories. Most of the higher studies normally long lasts for four to six years only. Apart from that there are many other benefits to study from Russia.

High Connectivity around the world

 Russia have strong connection and good foundation with other countries all around the world.  Like other student Russian student also go to abroad for education and it help the Russian education System to improve and update their system according to the requirement of aspirants. Most of the Russian universities are approved by Renowned council’s like WHO, MCI, UNISCO and many others.

Suitable and furnished campuses

Russian universities are providing suitable and comfort zone to all the international students and it offers well equippied facilities in term of education. Facilities like research center, digital labs highly scientific centre are provided. Russian University offers MBBS programs comparatively at low cost as compare with the Indian colleges.  

Learning Opportunity of second Language

 The other basic benefit for choosing Medical studies from Russia is that they offer their courses only either in English or in Russian language. So, the international candidate pursuing the medical education from there has an opportunity to learn Russian. In a research it is founded that about 260 million people speak Russian around the world.

 Less candidate and high attention

While studding from  any Russian universities the student can get high attention of the teacher as the college batch contain only 12-15 student  in one time so every student get properly trained under full guidance .   

Campus Stay Facility

The universities  provide the  facility of hostel within the campus for both national and international candidates  with all modern accessories and utility of comfort They  provide Wi-Fi spaces ,rooms services ,canteen (with Indian food available ) and other necessary services that are fruitful in improving knowledge.

Without donation, Direct Admission

One of the other and main factor that convince you to pursue MBBS studies is the Russian Universities  did not charge any Admission cost and also they don’t take any Entrance Examination test for Admission this happens only because of the Russian educational system the take admission on the base of 10+2  performance.

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