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Tips for International students to study medicine in Nepal

Tips for international students to study Medicine in Nepal

Medical profession is the most respective profession around the world. Students seeking medical education from overseas, must keep a few points in mind regarding their locality, accommodation, infrastructure and amenities and other facilities which must be required by one to study MBBS from Nepal and make it attractive and alluring.

Finding the Best Place to Study Medicine Abroad

The most important aspect when wanting to study MBBS abroad is to choose the college that suits your needs and requirements.

We should consider these factors while choosing an abroad education destination –

1. Location of institute: Location always plays a vital role in the decision making process. When choosing a course of medicine studies, the country that you wish to study, and its distance from India or the place you belong is important to comprehend. The place you wish to go to should be in a feasible location. The country should be easy to travel to in terms of obtaining a visa etc. and ideally should not have any complications while traveling.

2. Cost:  Before leaving your homeland it is important to crosscheck one again the cost for enrollment and the fees of the university plays a major role in choosing a medical university overseas. The cost of traveling and admission, along with a yearly or monthly fee, should be within your budget.

3. Stay: It is ideal to have friends, family, or other relatives living in the country where you wish to study MBBS abroad. If the university does not provide hostel facilities for the entire tenure of the academic year, then having a place to stay near the institution will greatly benefit you.

These are some of the things that one should keep in mind when choosing and finding the best-suited MBBS institution overseas for medical education.

Safety Tips for international students to study in Nepal

When going to another country overseas to study, there are certain safety aspects that should be followed and kept at all times. In this light, there are certain safety tips and measures that every MBBS student should actively practice when finding the best place to study medicine abroad.

1. Go for public transport: When traveling abroad, the most common mode of transport will be via international airplane. Ensure that you are well versed with the processing of the ticket, the visa, and the regulations of the airports and what to carry on the plane. This is to ensure that there are no unnecessary problems to be faced during the commute. While studying in Nepal it is better to go for public transport.

2. Be alert: It is always beneficial to stay alert and be on your guard when in a new and foreign land. If you find yourself in a busy area, keep a keen eye as to where the people are and how the crowd is flowing. Similarly, if you find yourself in a deserted alleyway or street, it is best to find the main street where there are other people. At the end of the day, trust your instincts, and if the place appears ominous to you, remove yourself from that situation.

3. Keep your valuables and personal documents near to you: Apart from traveling light, keeping your valuables and personal effects as close to you as possible is important. You should keep all your important and valuable documents safe. Do not flash or show off items like your wallets or gadgets as it may attract the attention of pickpockets and thieves. Also, keep multiple copies of your passport, visa, and other important documents. This will come in handy in case you end up losing anything.

4. Maintain a low profile outside campus: As a foreigner, you will naturally attract attention. So it is in your best of interest to try to attract minimum attention to yourself outside your school of medicine.
If you are going to a new place, you should consider traveling in groups. Being in a group will help you attract less trouble in contrast to being alone.

5. Collect relevant information about your locality: Just as you would collect information about the education institute, collect information about the surrounding area and the place where you will be residing. Get to know all the different routes and roads and where they lead to. Information about the roads, modes of transportation, and the nearest recognizable landmarks greatly help you stay safe and avoid any unwanted trouble.

6. Be connected with your family and friends: Stay in communication with the friends and people around you, especially when they are outside the university or college campus. Along with that, keep updating your friends and family about your activities and day to day regime. This will not only keep you safe but will be a big relief for your family. Keep emergency contacts like the nearest police station and hospital numbers always at hand. In case of any emergency, contact your nearest police station and also let your institution and family in on the situation.

7. Check your ingredients: While staying in a foreign country, you are exposed to various cuisines. While it is tempting to try out various dishes, enquire what ingredients have gone into the making before feasting on them. This is especially important for vegetarians. Remember, health care abroad can be an expensive affair, so eat and act wisely.

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