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reasons to study mbbs in nepal

Reasons to Study MBBS in Nepal

Nepal has emerged as the major destination for all those Indian medical aspirants who victim the tuff competition among the medical colleges in India. Students who are willing to consider MBBS from abroad are attaining much more attention from Nepal Medical universities. Nepal has offered several opportunities to the foreign medical candidates.

Apart from being one of the closest neighboring countries, Nepal has common culture, tradition and many other things like India. Universities of Nepal offer extra privileges to Indian students because of friendly relations among both nations.

There are so many medical institutions and big universities in Nepal such as Kathmandu University, Tribhuvan University, B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, are leading medical universities in Nepal approved by the Medical council of India. Medical colleges affiliated to these universities offer MBBS program.

There are so many reasons why to study MBBS from Nepal are;

Nepal is the home town of mountains and the highest peak in the world, beautiful surroundings, plains and rivers. This natural and peaceful place creates study friendly environment. Majority of medical institutions are located far from the main city, in order to maintain a smooth and peaceful atmosphere in college campuses.

Apart from similar culture, Nepal universities have an excellent infrastructure, state of art and latest technologies to provide advanced facilities and dedicated studies. Nepalese medical colleges are best in infrastructure to deliver quality education.

If you are willing to pursue hassle-free MBBS courses from abroad, or if you are looking for some best universities that offer admission without any donation cost then MBBS from Nepal is the great option for you. Medical universities of Nepal will provide less documentation process and smooth admission process while applying to Medical universities. They will offer an uncomplicated application procedure and less time consuming enrollment process as compared to any other nation.

Medical colleges of Nepal are quite affordable in nature. Medical colleges in Nepal provide cost effective education in comparission to pvt Indian medical colleges. Complete cost for the medicine course will range between 40-60 lakhs in Nepal. Besides tuition fees, the cost of living in Nepal is also pretty much affordable in comparison with India.

 While studying in Nepal you will get the chance to learn about their culture, their lifestyle, language, etc. there is a higher possibility of passing FMGE examination after pursuing medicine courses from Nepal as compared to other countries like Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, and all others. Medical Degrees obtained from Nepalese universities are highly appreciated in India. MCI screening test with passing percentage for Nepal graduates is 17.7 percent.

Students don’t have to clear any English proficiency test in Nepal and another, most dominating factor for Indian students is that they don’t require any VISA to visit, travel or to stay in Nepal. Due to the strong bond between the two nations, Indian’s don’t require Visa but yes you can take your passport as an ID proof for the sake of safety and security.

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